The idea behind Your Creative Media

Ramón Wickham, Founder

I got my start running an eCommerce store, marketing and selling vintage finds while freelancing on the side. After that, I got hired by a full-service digital marketing agency in NYC as their Marketing Copywriter. I wrote Press Releases, ran ads and took control of their internal marketing. I ended up almost tripling their social media followers and engagement rates. The business grew in authority and clients wanted us. My CEO was impressed saying it has never been done before. Soon I realized that my effectiveness could be used in larger capacities and so I decided it was time to start my own company…

I started my own travel company with the knowledge and experience of how to run marketing campaigns: use A/B testing, produce magnetic headlines, and select breathtaking photos to bring value to my audience. Eventually, after achieving success, I started Your Creative Media to give you real advice on what it takes to become profitable through online marketing. So before I go, I want to invite you to join my email community. After signing up, you’ll get our weekly newsletter filled with marketing and success tips. Also, you’ll receive first access to any webinars and giveaways that I host online. Don’t miss out!

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